Friday, February 6, 2009


In ones life there are days where they feel goofy and fun and days that just seem a little off and you feel at the very least contemplative. Today is my day.

I got totally addicted to Facebook in a very short time. The interaction between friends and families is amazing. It has been particularly satisfying for me. For all intents and purposes I lost my blood family when my parents died. Do not know why, just know it was my fault. I have tried in recent years to reconnect with limited success.

I have no real friends. Dues to several dark years in my life, I completely withdrew from people and society in general. If Carol were not around today and something happened I would have no idea who to call. That seemed very sad earlier this morning but I realize now that I have a wider circle of friends and family than even I deserve.

Through my children, I am building friendships and even pseudo families that take me for who I am. Their families have raised my spirits in times where they needed raised. I do feel that if I were to keel over today there just might be one or two people there to at least dance on my grave of sit me on a park bench and put bird food in my stiff hands. You are a truly a great bunch and thanks for the inclusion.

I can not forget my former in-laws either. In every divorce there are hurt feelings and even though I made some terribly wrong choices, over time most have tolerated me when I was around or actually ask the boys how I am doing once and a while. In my mind they will always be part of my family.

Today my goal is to thank you all for being there and making me feel welcome. I am not perfect and will probably piss someone off now and then but I have learned allot from my mistakes and am a better person for being in all your circles.

To my sons. We went through some rough patches. I had to learn on the fly how to be a modern parent. Dad's way does not work any more. I do feel I had some influence in your growth and choices. A few weeks or months with me changed your lives forever. Brian, moving to East Hartford, got you a great career and a wonderful wife. David, living with me for that short time in East Hartford gave you direction, helped you with your career path and most importantly gave us the closeness we both desperately needed. You are both my best friends.

Anyways guys. thanks for reading if you do. It shows I have a human side.


  1. Pop. You not only taught me how to be a good dad, but also how to be a friend to your kids. I hope when I'm old and decrepit like you that I will have that kind of great relationship with them. And if I do, it'll be all your fault. :) Thanks for being my best friend.

  2. I just wanted to say that is the sweetest thing I have ever read and I am glad that you feel that way. Love you as well.

  3. The above comment is from chris not David