Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun for the whle family

Let me tell you right now, whenever a product is touted as the greatest new invention and fun for the whole family, beware!! Two years ago Nintendo came out with the latest and greatest video game system. Fast, fun and interactive too. The Wii came into our households.

It was a rocky start from the beginning. Within weeks of the first sale, they were recalled because people got so excited playing they let go of the controllers letting them fly through windows, TVs and the occasional spouse's head. Nintendo was quick to add a lock to the wristband, problem solved. Well that problem anyhow.

The whole concept of the Wii makes it a highly competitive game for people to play against the computer or others. This proved widely acceptable as a rehabilitation tool for the elderly. You can bowl while sitting. Plenty of exercise but.... suddenly there was a rise with arm and elbow problems. The common element the Wii.

Then came the Wii fit. Once you could get one, it was to be a great device to help you exercise in a fun way. A close personal friend of mine has one. It is fun and exciting but if you try and do the balance and yoga when you are say a little out of shape and rotund you may fall into your wife's curio cabinet. Has anyone ever realized how you can move an item 1/8 inch, replace it right back on the dust spot and the next time the wife walks by "WHO MOVED MY CURIO CABINET"?

Back to the Wii interactive game. That same close personal friend of mine was shadow boxing with the Wii, maybe too exuberantly, when there was a sharp pain in my I mean his shoulder that curled his toes. Off to the doctor.

The embarrassing story was told. To the dismay of my friend, Wii injuries are becoming more and more common. The elderly bowling injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, cuts and broken bones do to falling, even hernias. The doctors are making a killing.

Now for the big news to go with the real MDs like back doctors, arm doctors, shoulder doctors even pee pee doctors for hernias, Nintendo is announcing the new Christmas 2009 game sensation "Wii Doctor". With the game you get wii insurance with a Wii copay. Be the first in line they are going to go fast.

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