Saturday, February 14, 2009

Turning Thirty

This may seem to be a premature entry ( I have been told in the past I have that problem) as my daughter-in- law will be thirty next week. However this applies to all people turning milestone years from 20 to 80.

I am sure you have been sitting back and reflection on what Have I done these past ten years. I have lost more than I gained wrong!! You have gained:
Wisdom. Looking aback on it there I are things you have done and you think What was I thinking,
Maturity. Your streaking days are over. Not because you are older but it seems so out dated
Love. Some have gained love once and lost but most are with their one and only. Your life dream in a nutshell, picking up after Mr wonderful when he drops his drawer's wherever
Exhaustion. That may seem a bad thing but if also means you either you have kids or Mr. Wonderful is more of a mess than you thought.
Friend. Ten more years 100 more friends, That is the average.
Family. As your family grows you inherit Mr wonderful's family. In some cases they my have an eccentric dad hanging around but in all cases, deep down you can count on them all in a pinch. Except Saturday evenings when it is private time at the eccentrics.
Children. If you have children they will give you the greatest feeliings in the world joy and frustration. Both emotions go hand and hand and that is the balance of life.

During your days, weeks, or months, leading up to the Big 30. It really is just another day but by tradition you better get bigger gifts.

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  1. Thank you that was very nice and gave me much to think about. Honestly I have come to accept that I am no longer young I am now joining the rest of the old farts in the thirty club (though some are now closer to forty). Love you guys